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Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 by Dylan Riley

Smart Jacks are a modern solution in fixing unlevel floors. The Smart Jack is a galvanized steel supportwork that is designed to stabilize sagging floors. Dipicted in image 1 is our SmartJack System, A complete Adjustable galvanized threaded rod that has positive long term results in fixing structual issues. 


(Image 1)

SmartJack® crawl space support system




There can be many reasons why these unwanted structual issues arise such as the following issues: 

  • Floor Framing spanned to far apart 
  • Rot and sagged beams
  • Piers with footings that sunk
  • Exrtra weight added to a flooring system that can't handle to heavy load. 

How Smart Jacks are Installed:

Our highly rated production crew have became efficent when installing Smart Jacks. The early steps of installation involve excavating and ensuring structual stone is set in place for the Jack support. The SmartJack is then installed underneath the sagging floor. Each smartjack can withstand about 60,000lbs. The adjustable steel pier is then raised to an appropriate height of comfort and can easily be adjusted in the future.


Why Fix My Sagging Floor?

Sagging floors are generally a result of rotten wooded beams and excess mositure in the crwalspace. Neglecting this serious structural problem will result in more severe structual issues in the future. Cracks in wallboard and beneath baseboard molding are early indications of sagging floors. Our SmartJack system provides immediate stablizatiion 

(Image 2)

Smart Jack - Image 2


Call us today to schedule a Free Inspection to see if a SmartJack system is the right solution for your structual needs. 

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