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Spring and early winter tend to be rainy seasons for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island. Most homeowners just deal with the water problems in their basement instead of taking care of the problem before it gets worse. We wouldn’t want to live with a wet, moldy space below our home, and neither should you!

At Ridgeback Basement Systems, our certified waterproofing specialists can repair your leaky basement quickly, effectively, and permanently. We can handle even the toughest job and there's no wet basement we can't fix.

Common Waterproofing Solutions:

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Schedule a free basement waterproofing estimate and meet with one of our basement waterproofers and learn more about all of our wet basement solutions.

We offer perimeter drainage systems, basement wall crack repairs, replacement windows and sump pump replacement and installation in Halifax, Moncton, Fredericton and surrounding areas throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island.

We can fix ANY wet basement problem

When you have a wet basement, one of the first things you notice (besides the water) is the musty smell. What you might not realize is that a damp, wet basement fills the air that you breathe with mold spores, which can lead to health problems like asthma and create an overall unhealthy environment.

Additionally, a leaky basement also takes away from the useable space in your house. Just think of all the ways you could use this space, if your basement was dry.

Proven products, dependable solutions

As a Basement Systems®, Inc. dealer, we have exclusive access to the most effective and long-term wet basement solutions in the industry. Their patented waterproofing systems have proven to be successful in keeping hundreds of thousands of basements and crawl spaces throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom since 1987.

Our waterproofing products are custom-designed to handle common problems that occur in below-grade spaces.

Want a basement that’s dry all the time?

Our wet basement waterproofing system include a number of products, such as patented sump pump systems that are designed to make sure your basement stays dry.

Tired of standing water in your basement?

Don’t rely on outdated systems that clog when you need them most. Our French drain systems, like the WaterGuard® below-floor drain and the WaterGuard® IOS perimeter drain, will stop basement flooding in its tracks.

Do you have leaky, flooding cracks in your foundation?

No matter how they got there, or where they are, whether you have cracks in your basement walls or floor, they can allow water to easily enter your basement and damage your home and your belongings. We offer trusted basement floor and wall crack repair throughout NS, NB.

Are leaky windows flooding your basement?

Rotting, outdated, inefficient windows can allow water to leak into your basement, but with our EverLast™ replacement basement windows, your home will be more energy efficient and you will never have to worry about basement flooding issues caused by leaky windows again.

Ready to finish your basement?

Don’t forget to first seal the basement walls with a vapor barrier system and eliminate humidity to prevent mold and mildew with our SaniDry™ XP dehumidifier. We offer a wide range of basement waterproofing products that can keep your basement dry so that you can get the most of out the space.

Professional, certified waterproofers operating in Moncton, Halifax, Fredericton and nearby

Basement water problems are extremely common in below-grades spaces, so don’t feel like you’re alone. Whether it’s through the walls, floors or joints in between, water will find a way into your basement. Basements are also notoriously damp, humid spaces, which is why they can sometimes have a musty odor and are susceptible to mold and mildew growth and rotting.

When it comes to keeping your basement dry and healthy, it’s important to choose a basement waterproofing contractor that you can trust. All of our products have been designed, tested, and perfected by the world’s largest network of basement waterproofing experts, Basement Systems®, Inc.

Whether you live in Fredericton, Halifax, Moncton or Dartmouth, Charlottetown, Truro, Dieppe, Sydney, Summerside, Glace Bay, our certified, professional waterproofers will customize a waterproofing solution that works for your basement and your budget. We want to make it easy to keep your basement dry all the time!

For a free, no-obligation waterproofing cost quote in NS, NB, contact Ridgeback Basement Systems by phone or e-mail today!



Exterior Excavation

Heavy equipment is brought in to dig out the entire perimeter of the basement. New drain lines are installed, and sometimes a waterproof coating is applied to foundation walls. This waterproofing strategy is expensive and often damages lawn and garden areas. Exterior drains are prone to clogging with silt and roots over time.

Interior Subfloor Drain

This drain line is installed underneath the basement floor, just inside the foundation walls. The hidden drainage system brings water to a sump pit, where a sump pump automatically pumps it outside. Also known as a French Drain, this system is not prone to clogging; it’s reliable and easy to service.

Interior Baseboard System

A hollow plastic baseboard is installed along the base of basement walls to form a drainage channel that directs water to a sump pump system. A baseboard-type drainage system is sometimes recommended when the basement slab is too thin to accommodate a French Drain.

Negative-side Sealant

This waterproofing technique involves "painting" basement walls and floors with a waterproof, cement-based coating that's supposed to seal out moisture. Even when applied correctly, this thin membrane usually fails in response to prolonged hydrostatic pressure from outside the foundation.

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