Testimonials for Ridgeback Basement Systems

I am very pleased with my 'new' basement.  The guys were personable and hard working!  They did a great job!
Vivian of Digby, NS
Thursday, August 17th
At this time I want to let Ridgeback know, how very pleased I am with the work Mitchell and Jakob have produced. Not only in what they did in the basement but also after the work with cleaning up their tools and equipment but also sweeping and mopping up the floor. First of they laid down special matting to walk on but whatever spilled over they cleaned up. Also any walls, steps or anything else they were very conscientious to clean. Those two young men work well together and could not even be swayed of taking a cup of coffee, they were there to do a job, so Mitchell said!   I am glad that we chose your company for doing this important job, right from the start, the professionalism of John Crosby made an impression! He knew what he was talking about, had all the relevant brochures with him to give us, had samples of the flooring with him so we would have an idea what he was talking about. His pleasant personality also helped us make up our mind. All in all, Ridgeback has a great crew, at least from the ones we had interaction with, also from the office. Thank you very much for this very good experience, we certainly will recommend your company to anyone who is needs their basement fixed! Sincerely yours, Charlie & Claudia
Charlie of Granville Ferry, NS
Wednesday, August 9th
Mitchell just left here after completing the job in our basement. I just wanted to let you know that so far I'm very impressed with the quality of work that your company puts in the market. I'll get back to you in the spring to let you know how much of a difference that we found regarding the insulation of our basement in terms of the coldness of our floors, but so far it even smells better!!!  Also, I just want to say I'm very impressed with friendliness,knowledge and overall professionalism of your employees. They cleaned up their work area and took the time to seal any voids with the spray foam that they felt may cause heat loss. It's that kind of extra care that is missing in most business today that the market wants, keep up the great work!! I'll get back to you in the spring and let you know if we had any issues over the winter. Again THANK YOU!!!
John of Saint John, NB
Monday, October 3rd
Hey guys,  Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my Ridgeback Sump Pump install.   As you know Fredericton recently got a good deluge - I think we had in the range of 125-130 mm in 24 hours.  So among the worst storms we've had in terms of rainfall here in the last few years. A few years back we had a similar rainfall event and my 1/4 hp sump pump at the time could not keep up with the incoming water... It was running continuous duty and I had to help with a shop vac to keep our sump from overflowing for about an hour - after that the water inflow relaxed a bit but our sump pump was tripping on at least every minute for the next day and then every few minutes for a couple of days.  It was nerve racking knowing that a brief power failure or a failure of that pump could have done $10,000 worth of damage in minutes. With this recent event I was out of town in Montreal.  I heard it was coming and I there was really nothing I could do but put my faith in my new dual sump pumps from Ridgeback.  Several days later I got home and my basement was dry as a bone.  Although clearly, from some new erosion gullies in our garden, we'd had a lot of rain and it had come down hard. My only regret is that I wasn't home to see the sump pumps in action!  Peace of mind is priceless, so the Ridgeback system has certainly paid for itself.  So thanks again - Happy Homeowner here! 
Dan of Fredericton, NB
Wednesday, October 7th
I reviewed several systems on their websites and received a few quotes. I found Ridgeback Basement to be the best technology and were willing to work on the cost. Excellent work with great communication, great staff, very clear in the quote what would be provided.  Installation was quick and efficient and they cleaned up after they were done.    
Tom S. of Fredericton, NB
Tuesday, November 23rd
I just wanted to express how pleased we are with the way that our installation of trench drain was carried out by Sidney and Nathan. They created very little dust or mess and did an excellent job of installing the product in a thoroughly professional manner. I believe that it did take slightly longer than expected due to the product having to be grouted in on 2 sides rather than one. In any case we are very pleased with the finished product and would not hesitate to give a recommendation to anyone requiring this type of work.
Peter of Chester, NS
Friday, May 29th
Testimonial Photo by Bob S.
We received this kind note today in the mail.  Thank you so much, Bob, for taking the time to let us know about your experience with Patrick!  We agree, he is fantastic and we are lucky to have him as part of our Ridgeback family!!  
Bob S. of Chester, NS
Friday, January 21st
The installation went very well and your installers were knowledgeable, courteous, got the job done quickly and cleaned up the site. All expectations were met!
Tim of Kentville, NS
Hi Corey, We were very pleased with the service received. I wasn't there myself, but my wife said that Chris was very professional and the job was nicely done. Most important thing, we did not get more water since. 
Mat of Wolfville, NS
Monday, May 1st
A well-run company and products. 5/5 
Gordon T. of Wolfville, NS
Thursday, November 18th
Just wanted to thank you very much for moving us UP and also to tell you what an impressive "crew" you sent here. The work was done quickly and Kris was wonderful in explaining everything.  Sounds like this weekend is rain so the test of the pump will occur.  Again, thank you for all you have done to help me in a difficult situation.
Elaine of Falmouth, NS
Thursday, March 27th
Good Morning: I just wanted to express my sincere THANKS for my recent annual sump pump check up.  It was done in a timely fashion & Christopher was very professional & knowledgeable.  Again, Thank-you!
Elaine of Falmouth, NS
Friday, May 12th
I wanted to take a moment and commend your team for their hard work. The pair of them were extremely hard working and generally pleasant to have around and always took the time to answer any questions I might have. At this point I would recommend you guys to anyone that has water trouble.  We also really appreciate getting that new pump in ahead of Wednesday’s rain storm as well, we definitely would have re-flooded without that.  Thanks again!
Leigh of Hammonds Plains, NS
Friday, December 6th
Thank you all again for helping us with our water issues.  We really appreciate this very much and our system has been working perfectly since installed.  This system is exactly what we have been looking for and needed.  We were really glad to have our system during the recent storms, especially this Blizzard last week.
Sandra of Hubley, NS
Saturday, March 29th
HI again Jess, We recently have been dealing with  other companies for work on our house and the other day while waiting for 2 days for someone to return my call, my thoughts turned to Ridgeback and specifically you Jessica.  Every time I contacted you by email or phone you got back to me so very promptly.  You have spoiled me for dealing with other companies!! Now I expect your level of customer service and sadly it is not often there. Calling or emailing someone with questions  (that may seem small or insignificant to someone else but feel important to the customer ,while  while under stressful conditions) and waiting and waiting to hear anything back is very frustrating. About two weeks ago I sent an email to someone that was doing work for us and I am still waiting for a reply!  I did not experience that with Ridgeback at all.  I think back to my first contact with Ridgeback when I wrote an email to just inquire about your business.  I think I heard back from you within about 10 minutes by email and there was always a phone message letting me know you sent an email.  That spoke volumes to me.  Already you were making the customer feel important and worth the time.  When you sent out the profile and picture of the representative (Jared) that was going to come to our house , which included his experience, skills, background, hobbies etc., we knew that we were truly dealing with a company that stood above the rest.  Jared was terrific.  Not only did he give us lots of time to ask questions but he asked us some very pertinent questions as well which we appreciated.  He was here for at least 1.5-2 hours. Taking that amount of time, once again, made us feel like customer service was important and that he took the situation seriously and wanted to help us resolve the water issues we had.  To sum it up, he was extremely pleasant, thorough and knowledgeable and we felt very confident in the plan he came up with. Without a doubt, after his visit, we knew we were going with Ridgeback. Jared promptly sent us a very detailed estimate which included all aspects of the proposed work and the costs of the work  broken down (as I had requested). It was very complete.  I am someone that asks a lot of questions and it was no exception with Jared.  Everytime I contacted him (and it was more than a couple times..lol) I would hear back promptly with my queries addressed perfectly.  I have found with other companies it often takes a few communications to get the information you really want or need and you end up waiting and waiting.   Kris, Nathan and Leo were all excellent! As we often said during the week or so Ridgeback was working for us, it is not only the quality work they do that we appreciated but also the ‘small things’. For instance, when the guys first came to the house, they introduced themselves. It may seem like a small thing to some people but rarely do we experience someone coming to do work who actually does that.  It showed professionalism as well as simply being polite.  It was certainly appreciated. They are extremely hard workers and rarely ever took a break! They were always so pleasant and friendly. One day in particular stands out.  Leo was in our basement jackhammering for approx. 7 hours (he hit serious bedrock) and Nathan was outside digging in the pouring rain for house and hours. Despite the rotten day they were having, every time I saw them they were still smiling and friendly as always. Not matter what they might have been feeling they sure didn’t pass on any negativity to the customer.  Even when running into setbacks or difficulties they were calm and assured us that the job would get done no matter what it took and not to worry. Ridgeback is lucky to have such employees! It certainly appeared that Ridgeback and its employees are organized and efficient. As well, they seem to communicate with each other which may sound like an obvious thing to do but, I don’t believe it is with all companies. We have often experienced work being done in our home where you can easily tell that there hasn’t been the proper communication between everyone. Those small things matter and it can have a negative effect on the work being done. This was not the case with Ridgeback. Everyone involved seemed to be on the same page and knew what was happening and when. I felt I could ask questions to anyone and get the same answer. Having recently experienced the opposite of that, it can be frustrating indeed! When the job was all done, Kris, the Production manager, took the time to come and make sure everything was done to his standards and that we were happy.   We were so impressed with that as we were with so many aspects with Ridgeback. Kris is excellent at his job!!! all aspects of it. We have never worked with a company that  truly exhibits this level of customer service. it is obvious that customer service is truly a priority for them and it shows to the customer.  We take great pleasure in spreading the word of our experience  and will continue to endorse Ridgeback. Thanks for an excellent job and experience! and….best of all…..no water in our basement.
Adrienne & Tom of Williamswood, NS
Wednesday, July 1st
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