Ridgeback Basement Systems Q&A

Can you build a crawl space on top of a cement slab?


How big a deal is cracks in the foundation?

All cracks should raise a concern. With climates changing, it wont wake long for the crack to become larger.

How can I keep warm the cottage crawl space?

We have many patented Basement System products that are installed for insulation of crawlspace. We can also encapsulate the space to create a barrier with the ground floor and your home.

How deep should a crawl space be nova scotia canada?

Crawlspaces can be a variety of different depths. We have worked in very tight quarters. You should contact a building inspector for the correct measurements.

How do you get rid of moisture in crawl space?

We have a patented CleanSpace Encapsulation product that is installed. IT creates a barrier between the ground and your home. Paired with a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, there will be no moisture, and the air coming into your home will be clean.

How do you know if you have foundation issues?

There are many ways to detect foundation issues: - sagging or uneven floors - bouncy floors - cracking around windows and doors - floor tile cracking - visible foundation movement

How to repair a foundation crack?

We use our three-step crack repair system, Flexi-Span. After installed the product is able to move with the concrete to eliminate the crack opening back up. This is THE BEST way to repair a foundation crack.

What do I do if foundation has cracked and shifted in one spot?

The first sign, if exposed, would be a crack in the foundation wall. If not, during an inspection, our sales specialists have tools like a thermal reader that indicates water/moisture.

What kInd of insulation should I put In my crawl space?

CleanSpace Encapsulation paire with a SaniDry Sedona Foamax

Who do you call for a leaky basement in Sydney Nova Scotia?

Ridgeback Basement Systems!! 902-468-4045

Will tirning on heat in basement help with humidity?

No it will not. If you have high humidity it is an indicator of moisture or water. This can only be reversed by a dehumidifier. Our SaniDry Sedona can pump 100 pints of water per day. With a Sedona, your basement will be dry and not humid.

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