Triple Safe Sump System

Thursday, March 25th, 2021 by Dylan Riley

The Triple Safe

          The triple safe sump pump system is the most advanced protection system against basement flooding the world. The triple safe contains 3 high quality and efficient pumps to guarantee unwanted water is disposed of. Triple safe is a pump for the homeowners that want no worries with the highest possible protection against Waterproofing.


TripleSafe Sump Pump System with Three Pumps, Battery Backup, Alarm, and  Air-tight Cover


How the Triple Safe System works


            A Triple safe sump pump is very important aspect within your basement waterproofing system. There are many issues that can arise that would case your standard pump to fail. The system cannot keep up with the volume of water, Pump Failure, and even a power outage are all problems that may cause flooding. With the specially designed lined basket that enables room for 3 different pumps to help eliminate all fear of the Pump failing and your basement flooding. The Triple safe has a response to all these problems.


Scenarios & Solutions  


  1. First pump is set at the lowest level, regulating pumping under normal circumstances.
  2. In case that the first pump fails, there is a second pump set higher within basket that will now take over and pump the water out.
  3. In the event that the first pump cannot keep up due to heavy rain fall, both the primary and the secondary pump will kick in, pumping out twice the water from beneath the house.  A total of 6200 gallons per hour.
  4. In the case of a power outage or circuit breaks. The third pump will kick in. The third pump is battery operated and self-charges from a battery pack supplied with the system.


The Pumps Within:  


Pump 1

  • Zoeller M-53 1/3 hp Pump
  • Reliable efficient, smooth running 1/3 hp cast iron pump
  • Does majority of the pumping
  • Able to pump up to 2600 Gallons of water per hour

Pump 2

  • Zoeller M-98 ½ hp High Volume Pump
  • When Pump 1 & 2 are working together, they can remove 6200 gallons of water per hour from your basement.
  • Operates when either pump 1 fails, or pump 1 cannot keep up with the excessive amount of water.

Pump 3

  • UltraSump Battery Back-up pumping system
  • If Power fails, the UltraSump turns on, operating via battery to remove water
  • The Battery and automatic charging system are included with system
  • Capable of pumping more then 12,000 gallons on a single charge


World's Best Sump Pump System


For additional information in a video format please CLICK HERE  
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