Super Sump!

Monday, March 29th, 2021 by Dylan Riley

The Super Sump system is one of the finest pumping systems on the market. The Super sump includes various features such as a water watch alarm system, along with a patented Superliner topped off with an airtight lid. An effective basement waterproofing system depends on a reliable, long-lasting sump pump. Even our basic sump pump system, the Super Sump, is a full-featured system that includes the best components available.

 SuperSum Sump Pump System

Top of the line features of the Super Sump:


1.The Pump

-       The Zoeller cast iron pump is 1/3 hp and comes with a mechanical float switch

-       This pump is capable of 2650 gallons per hour and is quite and smooth while extracting water

-       Considered best pump available from nearly 50 models

-       Will never clog and can pump up to ½” solids

Super Sump! - Image 2

2. The Water Watch System

-       This alarm is set in place to go off once water reaches a certain point to indicate that the pump will turn on

-       Similar sounds to a smoke detector

-       Time to address problem before damage occurs

Super Sump! - Image 3

3. The SuperLiner

-       Rugged, Heavy duty 18”x24” smooth wall polyethylene liner that sits just below the concrete directly in the dirt          beneath the basement

-       Just under 100 holes throughout basket allowing water to flow in directly from below the floor

-       Won’t crave nor crack

Super Sump! - Image 4

4. Airtight Lid

-       Keeps moisture from evaporating into the basement environment

-       Keeps out bugs, odors, radon gases and quiets the pump noises

-       Strong lid. The lid is designed to withstand someone standing on it, stacking items on it is another option to                ensure optimal storage space

 Super Sump! - Image 5


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