Is your basement solution designed NOT to CLOG?

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 by Corey Mosher

The past few weeks have created numerous floods for homeowners within Nova Scotia.  I received frequent calls to ensure it does not happen again. Most basement waterproofing companies offer an interior drainage solution -- but -- their is big differences in the systems.

How many times do you want to have your basement waterproofed?  Today's job stood out as we were replacing an existing system that a competitor installed which did not work and allowed for a flood to take place.  Basements and crawl spaces are my only business and it is what I focus on every day.  We do not use generic all-purpose drain pipe and foundation wrap that you buy from your local hardware store.  We use a piping system that is specifically designed for basement water problems.  The big difference is that our WaterGuard sits on top of the footing, instead of alongside the footing.  This is important because the wet dirt (commonly referred to as mud) can't get into the drain because the drain does not sit in the mud.  Our non-clogging WaterGuard is the effective and reliable way to solve your wet basement problems -- Permanently. 

Systems that sit in the mud

Requirements of a good interior drainage system

- Designed NOT to clog

- Has an opening to accept water from the walls

- Does not rely on filter fabric

- Has a big drain outlet to the sump

- Will not cause structural damage to the foundation

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