How Reliable is Your Sump Pump?

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 by Corey Mosher

In the event of the unthinkable, your home’s sump pump is going to the first line of defense. It can make the difference between whether your basement becomes flooded or not and if you can not count on your sump pump to function correctly, then do not count on your family’s home having a dry basement.

Installing a sump pump is a great step to protecting your family’s investment. However, it is important to remember that having a sump pump does come with some maintenance.

Sump pumps alone can be a lifesaver, but some sumps come with added features that can make keeping your basement dry that much simpler. Do not wait until you have a failing sump pump to get the necessary accessories.

This Halifax home owner called us to correct his "Elegant" Sump Pump ... would you trust this pump set up to keep the water out?  Maybe you should call us too ...


you trust this?What can go wrong with a sump pump?


Too much water. Many standard sump pumps simply don’t have the pumping capacity that’s required during heavy rains and storms. An overworked pump will eventually overheat and stop working.

Clogging. A poorly designed sump pump installation will be more prone to clogging, which can cause motor burnout. 

Float switch malfunction. A cheap, hollow ball-type float switch can sink or snag, preventing the pump from operating when it should. 

Poor quality components. Plastic housings used on inexpensive sump pumps aren’t as stable or durable as cast-iron housings, and are associated with short pump longevity.







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