Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Dan in Fredericton, NB

Hey guys,  Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my Ridgeback Sump Pump install.  

As you know Fredericton recently got a good deluge - I think we had in the range of 125-130 mm in 24 hours.  So among the worst storms we've had in terms of rainfall here in the last few years.

A few years back we had a similar rainfall event and my 1/4 hp sump pump at the time could not keep up with the incoming water... It was running continuous duty and I had to help with a shop vac to keep our sump from overflowing for about an hour - after that the water inflow relaxed a bit but our sump pump was tripping on at least every minute for the next day and then every few minutes for a couple of days.  It was nerve racking knowing that a brief power failure or a failure of that pump could have done $10,000 worth of damage in minutes.

With this recent event I was out of town in Montreal.  I heard it was coming and I there was really nothing I could do but put my faith in my new dual sump pumps from Ridgeback.  Several days later I got home and my basement was dry as a bone.  Although clearly, from some new erosion gullies in our garden, we'd had a lot of rain and it had come down hard.

My only regret is that I wasn't home to see the sump pumps in action!  Peace of mind is priceless, so the Ridgeback system has certainly paid for itself.  So thanks again - Happy Homeowner here! 

- Dan of Fredericton, NB
Wednesday, October 7th
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